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Making Loops

After uploading your creative assets into the library, you're now ready to start creating your first loops.


Read the detailed walkthrough of how to make loops, or watch the video below.

Screenfluence Support - Creating A Loop from Screenfluence on Vimeo.

A Loop (also known as a playlist) is a series of assets arranged in an order to play. In order to create a loop, first click on "Create New Loop" and give the subsequent loop a name.

You will then find yourself in the Loop Editor. It's easy to get back here, just look for the symbol, when hovering over a loop.

Congratulations! You've created a loop. But an empty loop isn't much use, so now you need to add assets to it. You can search for assets the same way you would find them in the Library. You can either select the folder on the left hand-side, type in the search bar, or filter by Name, Size, Duration, or Date.


Once you find the assets you are looking for, drag them over to the right-hand side where it says the loop is empty. Drag as many assets as you like, and order them in any way until you're happy with the loop.

You can re-order these assets or remove them at any time. You'll notice video assets have a fixed duration, but images and other special assets can be edited to any duration by clicking on the duration, changing the value, and pressing ENTER.

Once you save your loop, you are done!

If you find that you need a lot of loops, you'll notice you can also organize them in folders, the same way assets are organized in folders. You can also add tags to each loop the same way.